How Trustpilot helped Muck Munchers clean up their reviews process

Friday, 28 July 2023
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The wastewater digestion experts use Trustpilot to convince the septic sceptics.

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The challenge

Founded by two friends, Martin and Josef, Muck Munchers offer effective septic waste digestion which doesn’t harm the planet. When Martin was having trouble with his septic tank, the pair realised there were few really effective products around that septic tank owners could rely on to digest the waste – and so Muck Munchers was born. 

Despite Muck Munchers being a seven-figure business and successful in this niche market, customers needed more reassurance about the product. Martin and Josef were looking for a way to build confidence among consumers – and so they turned to Trustpilot. 

“People need to be convinced, and what better way to be convinced than seeing reviews of customers praising the product?”
Martin Harvey

The solution

Muck Munchers had previously been using a competitor review site, but after sending out review invitations they weren't seeing many results. Martin and Josef decided to switch to Trustpilot, given the high awareness of the brand with consumers in the UK, and being an industry leader, it was a natural choice to help give Muck Munchers the boost it wanted.

Muck Muncher’s TrustScore is an excellent 4.9, and they want their customers to know it. The brand has made the most of what Trustpilot has to offer, using its Connect, Product Reviews, Invite and Enhance modules. Muck Munchers includes Trustpilot branding such as their star rating on Facebook ads,  email campaigns and magazine inserts, as well as Trustpilot widgets on its homepage, product and checkout pages - ensuring they build credibility and showcase how much  Muck Munchers cares about their customers.

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When they do receive a negative review, the team takes the time to respond to each one and takes the criticism on board as a way to make sure the business is always improving.

“Having a successful review programme adds massive credibility, when you have a product that lives up to the promises you make.”
Martin Harvey
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The solution

Orders +24.4% | Sales revenue +27.0% | New customers +30.5%

Despite ecommerce sales dropping throughout the UK due to a cost-of-living crisis, Muck Munchers have seen a 27% increase in their online sales revenue in the year since starting out with Trustpilot. Orders have risen by 24.4%, and 30.5% more new customers have visited the site – especially impressive, given that they’ve spent almost nothing on marketing in early Spring 2023.

They found that minimal effort can reap maximum rewards: simply showcasing their reviews, both good and bad, has given Muck Munchers the credibility they were looking for, and established trust among potential customers.

As they say, “The growth can really only be attributed to our increased efforts in SEO and Trustpilot. As a result, the decision to renew for another year was easy – a no brainer.” They’re also planning to sign up to Trustpilot Analytics, to help them learn even more about who their customers are and what they want.

Muck Munchers has recently launched in Romania and Finland and has plans to expand into Australia. Wherever they operate, they’ll be using Trustpilot to help them reach more people and boost their brand’s reputation.

Reviews gave Muck Munchers the credibility they were looking for, boosting their sales. Get a free demo with our experts on how to use trust to improve your business:


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