Trust as a sales enabler: How Better Way Health uses Trustpilot to foster customer confidence

Friday, 16 September 2022
How Better Way Health uses Trustpilot to foster customer confidence

Welcome to Jeopardy! The answer is “No”. The question: “Would you feel comfortable buying a product from a company without checking its reviews first?”

The availability of the internet in modern life has changed the way people buy. Online or offline, there are few shoppers willing to pry open their wallets and part with hard-earned cash for a product that has no reviews — or worse, bad reviews.

This is especially true when it comes to health products like supplements. It’s no surprise that people are particularly cautious when it comes to their own wellbeing. There’s a big difference in the amount of trust needed to buy, say, a snazzy new shirt compared to investing in an edible health product.

Companies selling health supplements and vitamins in particular have suffered a reputation blow as a result of the prevalence of the ‘snake oil salesman’ multi-level marketers over the past decade that shamelessly sacrificed quality and safety for cost.

In situations like this, Trustpilot truly comes into its own.

Using Trustpilot to improve confidence within the market

Better Way Health is doing its part to help people have more control over their health by offering premium, science-backed health supplements such as Beta Glucan to customers in America and around the world.

The team at Better Way Health pride themselves on providing an excellent product and unmatched customer service — and it’s paid off. 94% of Better Way Health’s reviews on Trustpilot are ‘excellent’, from a pool of over 3,000 customers. Those A-star reviews not only encourage prospective new customers to take a leap of faith and try their products out.

Trustpilot helps Better Way Health offer an extra layer of credibility and peace of mind to its customers.

We talked with Better Way Health’s COO, Taylor Morris, on how they’ve utilized Trustpilot to leverage their sterling reputation as an enabler of sales.

Getting new customers on-board

There’s nowhere trust is more important than at the top of the sales funnel — where people often know either little or nothing about your company and product. In situations like this, where buyers are very much in the ‘maybe, maybe not’ headspace, verified reviews from other customers can mean the difference between a successful sale and an exited browser tab.

It’s something the Better Way Health team is well aware of — which is why they’ve chosen to display their stellar reviews front-and-center across their website. Custom Trustpilot blocks and widgets are featured prominently throughout all key pages.

BetterWayHealth 1
BetterWayHealth 2
BetterWayHealth 3
BetterWayHealth 4

Keeping Better Way Health top-of-mind

Better Way Health’s excellent standard of care for its customers is the key to their ongoing success. Many of their customers are repeat customers who have bought with the company for years.

A big part of their strategy hinges on their various remarketing campaigns, which target past and current customers with reminder emails. And they’ve found their winning formula involves including some of their best Trustpilot reviews within their email correspondence.

“We use a Trustpilot review (sometimes multiple) in basically every email campaign we send. At the beginning of this quarter, we also started dedicated campaigns with top customer reviews/stories from the previous month. These are consistently our emails with the highest open rate, at around 50%.”
Taylor Morris
COO Better Way Health

This is an improvement of over 100% YoY, considering their previous open rate stood at around 20%.

BetterWayHealth 5
BetterWayHealth 6

Underpinning every interaction and touchpoint with trustworthiness

Trustpilot isn’t only featured on their website and in emails — it expands beyond the digital sphere into their physical presence, too.

“Our entire company uses Trustpilot to a degree. Trustpilot reviews help with content creation, team morale and rewards, product success/improvement, and more.”
Taylor Morris
COO Better Way Health

Better Way Health has integrated Trustpilot into all avenues of the business, from physical packaging boxes, to bubble mailers, team t-shirts, wall graphics, and even TV commercials. Trustpilot reviews are also used to refine the product and reward the performance of the customer service team — through a handy Bonusly integration, every mention of a team member results directly in bonuses and benefits.

BetterWayHealth 7
BetterWayHealth 8
BetterWayHealth 9
BetterWayHealth 10

Taylor Morris, COO of Better Way Health, makes sure to prominently display their reviews and ratings because he knows how much weight the Trustpilot stars carry for him as a consumer. In his personal life when he sees a product or company using Trustpilot for reviews his interest is immediately piqued.

“In my mind, when I see Trustpilot, there is a level of legitimacy that gives great peace of mind about a company or product. I know I can view real experiences from real buyers!”

And Taylor isn’t the only member of the Better Way Health team that equates the Trustpilot stars with brand legitimacy.

Because of their firsthand experience with Trustpilot, members of the Better Way Health Customer Service team know that companies using Trustpilot are also dedicated to transparency and accountability.

Customer Service team members Sharlene, Zach, and Michelle all echoed the same sentiment - when a company uses Trustpilot, they have confidence in the legitimacy of the reviews.

"When I see the Trustpilot name with a great rating it gives me the confidence I need to move forward with that company."
– Sharlene

"I associate the Trustpilot name with trust and care when it comes to a company. For example, if I was trying to decide between two companies who have similar products or services, in most cases I would go with the company that is actively using Trustpilot because I know the feedback is verified and reliable."
- Zach

"When I see another company with high ratings on Trustpilot, I definitely put them higher on my list as a company I would consider purchasing from."
– Michelle

Better Way Health employees understand the power of trust in eCommerce both at work where they’re dedicated to providing excellent service and products and at home when they step into the role of consumer themselves.

Outsourcing the reviews process for ease and added trust

With Trustpilot, Better Way Health is able to both minimize investment into the building and maintenance of its own platform and build market trust.

“Trustpilot pretty much facilitates our entire review/verification process. It’s very low lift for our team and much more effective than trying to build something out ourselves.”
Taylor Morris
COO Better Way Health

By using a third-party reviews platform, Better Way Health is able to project confidence in its products and services. And they’re able to get honest feedback from their customers from every corner of the world. With this feedback they’re able to continuously improve on their service and offerings, resulting in a 93% customer return rate (with the average customer ordering 5.95 times!).

Results at a glance:

  • Referral traffic directly from Better Way Health’s Trustpilot profile is up on average by more than 80% from the same period in 2021.

  • Email open rates are up 150% for comms related to customer reviews.

  • 93% of Better Way Health customers have ordered products more than once.

Crowd-sourced certainty

Physical health isn’t something people are willing to gamble with — which is why trust has never been so important to a company’s success. To find out how your company can drive sales and foster trust, much like Better Way Health have, get in touch below.


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